Roland CR-8000

For sale Roland CR-8000
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The Roland CR-8000 drum sounds have similarity with the CR-78 and TR-808. The CR-8000 has 24 preset rhythms and 8 user programmable rhythms. The drum machine has a DIN-sync in and output, a trigger output and several jacks to opperate the sequencer. It has a total of 14 drum sounds, a mixer section and an arranger to add sounds.

A common problem with the CR-8000 is non responsive push buttons which make it impossible to operate the drum machine. This has been permanently resolved. All potentiometers have been cleaned, a set of new batteries are fitted to keep the user patterns. The CR-8000 looks quite nice overall but some small pieces of plastic are missing from the level potentiometers of the instruments, see picture 3 down below. 3 Months warranty, no VAT.