Vintage synthesizer, drum machine and effects repair


Synthesizer repair

Artefacts specializes in repair, restoration and maintenance of vintage synthesizers, drum computers and studio equipment.



Here you will find electronics developed by Artefacts for the integration of vintage synthesizers and drum machines in a modern studio.

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We buy and sell vintage synthesizers and drum machines

You can find the vintage synthesizesr and drum machines we have for sale here.


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Artefacts has more than 20 years of experience in the repair of vintage synthesizers, drum computers and studio equipment. By vintage we mean instruments made before approximately 1985, where the sound generation is largely analogue. We repair and restore with an eye for detail and where possible we try to improve reliability without compromising the unique sound of the instruments. The parts we use for the repair are of very good quality and where possible we use original parts. Due to the experience we have and the extensive service documentation, we can repair effectively and quickly at component level. We turn broken equipment into musical instruments again.

The small DIN-sync interface for drum machines that cannot sync externally seems to be useful for musicians who would like to use their vintage equipment in modern production environments. The fact that this interface can be used in multiple drum machines makes it extra versatile.

Developing innovative MIDI interfaces for various vintage instruments is also a great idea. MIDI is an essential technology for integrating different devices into a studio setup, and offering solutions specifically tailored to vintage instruments can expand the possibilities for musicians.

Keep working hard on your projects and keep listening to customer feedback. This way you can continue to contribute to the evolution of music production and bridge the gap between the past and present in the music world. Good luck with your efforts!