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For sale synthesizers and drum machines

Artefacts also sells vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Before we offer an instrument for sale, they have been completely checked, any problems have been solved, preventive maintenance has been carried out, everything has been properly cleaned, tuned and calibrated and extensively tested. As a result, the instruments can last for years without any problems. We give a 3 month warranty on all instruments. The instruments can be played and listened to with us in Sint-Michielsgestel.


It is also possible to have us sell your instrument on consignment, which means that we sell your instrument and take care of all the work involved in selling the instrument. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

sell or trade

We are always looking for synthesizer,drum machine and effects made between 1965 and 1985. Both working and not working. We are also interested in parts, schematics and service documentation.

If you’re looking for a certain instrument, please get in touch!

Current offer

Roland Jupiter-4 €3995

For sale Roland Jupiter-4

Korg MS-50 €2495

Korg MS-50 with patch cables

Roland CR-78 €2450

For sale Roland CR-78

Roland CR-8000 €995

For sale Roland CR-8000