A din sync interface for the DR-55, DR-110 and KR55
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Artefacts also developes electronics for the integration of vintage synthesizers and drum machines in a modern studio. Mainly midi interfaces and DIN-sync interfaces. These can be ordered in our web shop. In the web shop you will also find parts and documentation.


The Artefacts uSync is a small DIN-sync interface for the Boss DR-55, Boss DR-110 and Korg KR55 which you can install yourself. It lets you run the drum machine in sync with an external din sync signal. The kit automatically switches between the drum machine’s internal clock and the external DIN sync signal. Available for the Boss DR-55, Boss DR-110 and Korg KR55. The uSync can also be installed by us for you, for more information please contact us. All prices are excluding VAT, if you have a valid EU VAT number please contact us to order.

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Here you fins parts and manuals for vintage synthesizers and drum machines. We will add more items soon!

Artefacts products

With these additions for your synthesizer, drum machine and studio equipment you can get more out of your instrument. Our products come with a manual and we help you guide their use.

uSync interface Artefacts

Our interface is a super handy addition to your drum machine. The interface provides your drum computer with a DIN sync input, allowing it to run along with an external MIDI signal. It is easy to install, but if you are unable to do so, we are happy to help you.

uSync allows you to connect a modern electronic musical instrument that supports DIN sync to an older drum machine or sequencer that requires DIN sync for synchronization. This can be useful if you use a hybrid setup of old and new equipment in your music production.

In general, uSync ensures that the clock and timing information from one device is passed correctly to the other device via the DIN sync connection, so that they can play and synchronize perfectly together during a live performance or a studio recording. It helps musicians make various devices work together seamlessly, regardless of their age or compatibility.


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